E&S Risk Management in Micro and SME Finance

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  • Estimated duration: 2 hours
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Course Overview

This course provides basic knowledge on E&S risk management in financial institutions that have a particular focus on small and medium sized enterprises (SME) as well as microfinance.

About This Course

You will receive an introduction into typical E&S risks in small companies, an overview of good FI industry practices, an introduction to meaningful E&S benchmark standards, E&S management process steps, practical guidance and tips on how to address E&S issues with small companies. Throughout the course numerous case studies will be presented. We will further have a look at responsible finance practices and client protection standards.

Target Group

Investment managers of financial institutions or investment funds with a clear focus on SME or microfinance. The course is also suitable for any other non-experts or newcomers who wish to receive tips and advice in a very time-efficient manner.

  • Introduction
  • E&S Issues in MSMEs and Related Standards
  • E&S Management of SME Financing
  • E&S Management in Microfinance
  • Responsible Finance - Client Protection
  • Addressing E&S Issues with Small Clients
  • Cross Cutting Issues
  • Quiz
  • Resources
  • Certificate of attendance