Corporate Governance

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  • Estimated duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
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Course Overview

This course introduces the fundamentals of corporate governance and highlights the benefits associated with having strong corporate governance in place. It looks at some challenges and gives good practice examples, which can assist companies in strengthening their corporate governance.

About This Course

Good Corporate Governance is associated with a multitude of opportunities and benefits for companies worldwide. This course introduces the basics of Corporate Governance. It outlines five key dimensions of Corporate Governance and presents the key challenges and success factors associated with each of these. A short appendix summarises the specific requirements of family businesses and ways to harness the potential associated with these companies. Hands-on exercises and tools complement the theoretical concepts presented in this course.

Enrol in this course if you are interested in learning more about Corporate Governance and how to strengthen your own company’s governance practices or those of your clients.

Target Group

Management and staff of financial institutions, corporates and Private Equity Funds dealing with and interested in Corporate Governance.

  • Introduction
  • What is Corporate Governance about?
  • Why is Corporate Governance important?
  • Central areas of Corporate Governance
    1. Board of directors
    2. Internal controls
    3. Transparency and disclosure
    4. Treatment of minority shareholders
  • Progression Matrix and Action Plan
  • Excursus - Corporate Governance in family businesses
  • Case study
  • Quiz
  • Resources
  • Certificate of attendance


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