Corporate / Financial Insitutions

Expand your corporate training concept

Clients of this platform are typically financial institutions or corporates that are interested in larger scale sustainability or governance related trainings for their staff.

The E-Learning courses can be made available to different functions in financial institutions or companies and are typically administered by the Human Resources departments.

You as a user will benefit as:

01 | You can offer well targeted courses to special topics or specific challenges that you may face to your staff.

02 | Our courses offer a short but crisp training related to clearly defined learning objectives and subjects.

03 | You will understand requirements from development financing institutions as well as related good practices much better.

04 | Your human resources department can track the progress of your staff.

The right package for you would be either:

Few courses for many trainees: Booking single courses for selected staff members via tokens (see bundle rates).


Many courses for selected trainees: Flatrate for selected staff members for a given period (one or two years) at a preferential cost as compared to what they would pay when booking individual flatrates (see pricing).

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