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Our courses primarily focus on financial institutions and investment projects in transition and developing countries. This clearly includes the typical barriers to a more sustainable finance that one tends to find in these countries. Some more general courses may also fit bankers from developed countries.

Our e-learning courses focus on typical loopholes and practical examples – the content is connected to the user's everyday work and to recurrent challenges. The user meets different characters in our courses, each with a specific job role. The characters interact with each other, discuss problems and jointly develop suitable solutions. In particular scenarios, the user/trainee is part of this team, making decisions and getting feedback. Therefore, it's not just about scrolling through the content but also about solving challenges (unrated) and learning that way.

Upon request, you will receive regular user statistics from us.

For larger customers, Innovativkonzept GmbH will offer assistance free of cost or at a nominal fee. Please contact us should you require this assistance or learn how this aspect was solved in other financial institutions.

Let’s consider a scenario where you want to train your staff (6 people) on 4 different courses you have pre-selected. The cost of purchasing access to these courses would be 6x4x35= 840 €. This would be the most economical option. However, with the flat rate option S, you can provide access to all our 15 courses for 10 people at a cost of 1.200 €. This option would allow you to share the training resources with colleagues from other departments, such as selected investment managers if they are interested in the courses.

Upon request, you will receive user regular statistics from us.

Yes, you can. It is available under “Courses” or directly here: Content Preview. The sample content shows selected sections from various courses to give a good overview of our courses and how they work. Alternatively, you can request a test license for a course of your choice from us.

As part of our CSR activities, we regularly offer selected individuals free access to our courses. Kindly send a motivational letter to the following email address to apply for free access: ESG-Trainings@deginvest.de

Over the past four years, the platform has trained several ten thousand investment managers from several hundred financial institutions in developing countries. In particular, it has developed into the “standard” training platform for financial institutions receiving funding from Development Financing Institutions.

The development and running of the Sustainability Training platform has been supported by KfW and DEG. The developer and administrator of the platform is Innovativkonzepot GmbH. The technical partners are Farwell Innovations Ltd. (e-learning platform), Open edX (Learning Management System) and Digital Ocean (server hosted in Germany). The Sustainability Training platform is promoted by a network of highly specialised sustainable banking experts working for Innovativkonzept GmbH, Germany, KfW and DEG. This KfW DEG e-learning platform on Sustainability and Corporate Governance has been financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Obviously, learning in a classroom is even more personal and interactive. Still, there are a lot of benefits to using e-learning. Due to its high degree of convenience and flexibility, the resources are available from anywhere and at any time. There is no hard and fast rule. Moreover, the courses can be offered at a much lower cost per course delivered. Finally, good trainers are hard to find. At Innovativkonzept, we felt such strong feedback about our live training that we could not cater to all requests. Therefore, we opted to develop an e-learning solution instead.

It was indeed simple and obvious. DEG set up this training platform in June 2020 to serve the training needs of its clients. Further courses were added by KfW since 2021.

The training needs, and typical solutions to these needs, have been identified in countless live training programmes by Innovativkonzept GmbH, KfW, and DEG. The platform is intended to grow; hence, kindly provide us with your ideas and recommendations on potential issues or topics you would like to see covered in upcoming courses (ESG-Trainings@deginvest.de).

All trainings are designed in a way to support KfW or DEG clients and other organisations and to familiarize with its E&S risk, opportunities and requirements. Furthermore courses will help interested companies to build up their business case for sustainability. The team developing the courses comprised environmental and social experts and banking specialist with a deep understanding of the necessary balance between economical, ecological and social considerations. As a rule of thumb, our recommendations focus on what is realistically feasible and also incorporate soft factors of how to bring about change. The way in which the content of the e-learning courses is conceived and designed is unique.

Yes, you can.

For KfW or DEG client HR Managers, we offer access to one entire course of their choice for one week for test purposes. Kindly provide us with your email and tell us which course you want access to.

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KfW clients and DEG's banking clients benefit from free access to the e-learning platform. Pricing details for all other customers can be found on our pricing page.

Flat-rate access grants participation in all courses available on our e-learning platform for a specific number of users for one year. This option offers unlimited access to our entire course library, ensuring comprehensive learning opportunities for your team.

Bundle rates access allows you to select specific courses and purchase a set number of licenses for these. This package of courses of your choice is offered at a discounted rate compared to individual course purchases. These courses can also be accessed for one year, providing flexibility and cost savings tailored to your learning needs.

For further details, please visit our pricing page.

Firstly, we'd like to understand whether you're interested in bundle or flat-rate access.

For flat-rate access, we only require the number of flat rates needed.

For bundle rates, we'll need two pieces of information:

  1. The number of licenses you wish to purchase per course.
  2. The total number of trainees (each trainee will receive their own access code).

It's important to note that we don't require any personal details such as names or email addresses of trainees.

Once the payment is in, we will issue the licenses as requested and login credentials for all trainees (i.e., an anonymous username/password combination for each trainee). It is up to you to distribute these login details to the trainees and let them know who is supposed to do which course. 

If you haven't purchased licenses for the desired course, the trainee will receive a message indicating that access is not possible.

However, if licenses for the course have been purchased and are still available, the trainee will gain access on a "first come, first served" basis. It's crucial to inform each trainee about the courses they are supposed to take.

Check that you are using the username sent in your activation email after registration and the password you set up during registration. Incase you have forgotten the password and username and can't trace the activation mail with both details, please click on the Reset password button and a reset password link email will be sent to your email. The reset password will also contain your username for easy reference.

Please check the Junk or Spam folder if the email isn't in your Inbox. Otherwise raise a ticket and the support team will assist.

Look out for the activation email in your spam or junk folder and click on the activation link. One must activate their account to be able to log in.

If you've forgotten your password, please get in touch with us for assistance.

Please note that our system does not send automated password recovery emails because they often get blocked by firewalls, especially for users in financial institutions. Please just reach out to us.

Check that you have activated your account by clicking on the activation email sent to your registration email address. Be sure to check the spam folder as they often end up here, then click on the authentication link. Please note that you can only reset your password after activating the account. Once activated follow the short reset password steps to reset the password.

Please check that your internet connection is stable and that you use the recommended browsers for the best user experience. The e-learning platform is designed to work on dynamic web browsers. If you're using an older browser version, we recommend updating it to the newer version as recommended on the website. Old browsers do not respond well to dynamic web pages. The website is optimized to work on the following browsers: - Internet Explorer version 9 or higher - Mozilla - Chrome - Opera mini - Safari browser

Whenever you log back into a course, the courses will open from where you left off to save you the trouble of looking for the page.

You can access content for as long as your license is valid.

Unless you are a self-sponsored learner, please check with your HR or Training Manager to ensure that your bank or organisation has purchased a license to access the course. You may also contact support by raising a ticket.

Yes, for data protection reasons, we do not want to collect more data than necessary. Therefore, we issue anonymous login credentials to trainees.

Kindly directly login on (without further registration) on the login page of the platform: https://kfwdeg.sustainability.training/login

No, they are not transferable. The login credentials (combination of user name and password) can only be used by one user.

Your scores for gradable quizzes will be available on the My Progress page. You may also access your average course scores on your profile page.

If you have attained the course pass mark of 80%, your certificate will be available for download on your profile page.

Generally no. All content is copyright-protected. However, if you reasonably explain why you would want to use our content in writing upfront, we may consider your request.

After successfully passing a course quiz, you'll be prompted to enter your real name (if desired), which will then appear on the course certificate.