DEGs and EDFIs E&S Requirements for Banks

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  • Estimated duration: 1 hour
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Course Overview

This course will help participants to understand the E&S related requirements that European Development Financing Institutions (EDFIs) - including DEG - have when financing banks. It is updated regularly to reflect the latest EDFI requirements.

About This Course

This course explains the E&S related requirements of European Development Finance Institutions (EDFIs) when providing a loan to a bank. In particular, it highlights the latest version of the “EDFI E&S Requirements” which became effective as of January 2020, and outlines similarities and differences as compared to IFCs E&S requirements.

The course further explains the impact that these requirements can have on the business of a bank, in particular with regard to its clients, and also provides a quick explanation of “why this could make sense” and is not just another bureaucratic hurdle imposed by the EDFIs. The course is regularly updated to reflect – to the extent possible – the latest E&S requirements of leading EDFIs (including DEG, Proparco, FMO, OeDB, Swedfund, CDC, Cofides, BIO, IFU etc.)

Target Group

CFOs, CROs, E&S managers of EDFI clients (banks), E&S coordinators (operational level) of financial institutions, all interested investment managers and staff of credit and risk departments

  • Introduction
  • FIs and E&S management – a rapidly changing ballgame
  • Why do they want “it”?
  • What exactly are the EDFI requirements?
  • What do EDFIs want that you should also require from your clients?
  • Why does this make sense for you?
  • Summary
  • Resources and additional information