Investment Managers On-site: Identifying Labour Issues

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  • Estimated duration: 3 hours
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Course Overview

This course will provide a detailed overview on labour standards and guidance regarding what investment managers as non-experts can actually look for on the “labour side” when making a client visit.

About This Course

The first points of contact for bank clients and fund investees are usually investment professionals such as investment managers, key account managers or customer relationship managers. They frequently visit the client to discuss financial, technical or legal issues. At the same time financial institutions increasingly have social requirements for their clients which must be part of the due diligence and must also be adequately discussed with clients.

The present course highlights why labour issues are increasingly important for companies as well as financial institutions supporting them (business case). It further presents in detail the most important labour standards, including all aspects highlighted in the IFC Performance Standard #2. Further, it explains the key requirements from the IFC PS as well as the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

The course then discusses what non-labour issue-professionals can actually look for when making a client visit to a textile company. Good common sense, intuition as well as some proven practices and questions are key to this exercise.

In particular, the course looks into all aspects of identifying key labour risks, how clients could manage the related aspects and how to identify whether this is actually being carried out, or if it is just lip service. It systematically explains how to prepare for a site visit and what to look out for when on site, and contains numerous case studies to learn from.

Given the high degree of complexity of labour issues, this course is slightly longer compared to other courses on this E-Learning platform (3-4 hours).

Target Group

Staff of credit and risk departments, bank E&S coordinators, investment managers, key account managers, customer relationship managers of financial institutions and Private Equity Funds

  • Section 1: Why worry about labour issues?
  • Section 2: Labour Standards
  • Section 3: Key Requirements from IFC PS and Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work
  • Section 4: Planning your site visit
  • Section 5: Visiting a textile company
  • Section 6: Quiz
  • Certificate of attendance


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